The greatest project you will ever work on is YOU

Your Challenge

We live in unprecedented times. Conflicting messages, stress, nutritional deficits & environmental toxins are taking their toll.

Are you aware that the barriers to reaching your peak are often invisible and cannot be overcome by force of will?

Mainstream medicine isn’t set up to meet your unique needs as a high achiever. It’s time for a smarter approach.

The Solution

Use strategic testing and self-tracking to locate precisely where you are now and monitor your progress over time.

Co-create a step-by-step, personalised lifestyle blueprint to get the exceptional long-term outcomes you deserve.

Tailor your nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery strategies to your health and performance goals.

Is the Peak Health Method right for you?

Peak Nutrition

Maximise your vitality by giving your cells the most appropriate fuel

Peak Movement

Get stronger, leaner, faster and improve your physical performance

Peak Resilience

Be agile, adaptable, and perform at your best on demand

Peak Recovery

Rest, restore, recharge and replenish your body and mind

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jamie Johnson. I’m an ex-professional athlete, health and performance seeker, internationally trained Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical & Performance Nutritionist. I founded Peak Health 365 to help high achievers reach their health and performance potential using tailored nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery strategies.

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What experts are saying about Peak Health 365


Jamie is a revolutionary care provider. He stays on the cutting edge but is grounded in ancient wisdom. Jamie has traveled the world and consulting with the sharpest minds in healthcare to help his clients co-create their best life. Jamie inspires those around him to think and go beyond health. Working with Jamie will take your foundation of health to the next level with some amazing stories to share along the way.

Dr Sachin Patel, Founder of Living Proof Institute

Lisa Maas

Jamie is one of the best practitioners I have ever met. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable in all areas related to health, fitness, and nutrition. Although I am a practitioner myself, I contacted Jamie to take a look over my lab results and to help me with some health issues I had at that time. I immediately implemented his recommendations and experienced significant improvements in my health after only a few days. Not only is Jamie an expert in his work as a practitioner, but he is also incredibly approachable and an amazing teacher who loves to answer questions and share information. Thanks to Jamie, I have not only improved my own health but I also continue to evolve and improve as a practitioner.

Lisa Maas, MS, CISSN, CSCS


After being quite ill whilst being a professional triathlete, I had many tests done, including genetic tests. They were never fully explained to me in a way I understood. Jamie helped me put all of the pieces of the jigsaw together and make sense of it all, so we could come up with a plan. He helped me learn also, so I was no longer a passenger of my own life.

Vanessa Raw, Professional Triathlete

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