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Our focus is on helping high achievers reach their health and performance potential using tailored nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery strategies.

We start by digging deep into your unique story. Your experience combined with your health history and discussion of major life events helps us identify maximum leverage points.

Using strategic testing and tracking helps us provide a personalised roadmap to ensure your success. This approach, paired with health coaching, education, and support puts you in charge of your health to take your life to another dimension.

Jamie Johnson, CNC, CFMP, AFMCP


How I went from under-achieving to Peak Health and Performance…and you can too!

Jamie Johnson

Hi, I’m Jamie Johnson. I’m an ex-professional athlete, health and performance seeker, internationally trained Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical & Performance Nutritionist.

But first and foremost, I’m a high achiever. And, like you, know what it’s like to not be getting the results you feel you deserve.

In my twenties, I felt conflicted, stressed and tired from the pressure of having to consistently perform as a professional athlete and trader, while seeing my health suffer as a result. I consulted my doctor and was told everything was “normal”, but that just didn’t feel right. I now realise mainstream medicine isn’t set up to meet our unique needs.

Belonging to a family of medical doctors, I witnessed first-hand the challenges that medicine faces today. I watched the health of my Gran, Aunt and Mum (all medical professionals) suffer from breast cancer while being prescribed medications, chemotherapy and radiation.

These events pushed me to go against the grain and question the “healthcare” model. I decided it was time to play detective and look at underlying nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery factors. Following in my family footsteps, but using a more natural and proactive approach, I embarked on a journey to rigorously seek out the very best in human health and performance.

I discovered I had several nutrient deficiencies, high levels of metals and chemicals, toxic oestrogens, digestive insufficiency, impaired immune response, multiple parasites, bacterial dysbiosis, and yeast overgrowth! I tweaked my nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery strategies to help fix these issues and started to feel enormously better.

The solution to my problems became the Peak Health Method, and it has since worked incredibly well for the 100s I’ve partnered over the last several years.

Now wherever I am in the world, I enjoy:

  • Resilience by having strategies and tools to adapt to modern life
  • Maximum vitality by giving my cells the most appropriate fuel
  • Strength, leanness, speed and peak physical performance
  • Ability to break through barriers holding me back from being my best
  • Spending quality time with those who amplify my happiness and matter most
  • Collaborating with world-class colleagues who continue to inspire me

I have found my purpose. Using my own journey as a source of inspiration, I have an insatiable appetite and passion for empowering high achievers to reach their health and performance potential.

I’m a consultant but rather than fixing problems or symptoms I fix people, specifically high achievers. I specialise in root cause analysis because I know, and evidence shows, that this is how the greatest health and performance transformations are triggered.

Everyone is different. Sometimes I focus more on diet and supplements to fill any nutritional gaps or movement strategies to improve physical performance. Other times, resilience and recovery strategies as well as tools to track progress. It’s about figuring what is going to move you towards your goals in the most efficient way. It’s not one method fits all. With each person I see, I consider their unique context, physiology and preference and then co-create a plan to promote peak health and performance. This is our mission at Peak Health 365.

I aim to be an inspirational leader and teacher by living and breathing what I teach and aligning myself with nature as closely as possible. Sprinting barefoot on the beach, swimming in the sea, lifting heavy weights and playing outdoors help keep my mind and body refreshed.

You deserve to discover your ultimate mind and body. Join us to be your best.

Corrine Haselden, NBC-HWC, FMCHC, IHC


Hi, I’m Corrine Haselden. I’m a wife, mother of six children, a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Mind-Body Expert. I am always seeking, always learning and I’m extremely passionate about sharing my finds so you can acquire the tools, resources and helpful information needed to support you in your quest to experience optimal wellness!

I am doing well in my life now but this wasn’t always the case. For years I suffered from a multitude of symptoms from crippling fatigue, heart arrhythmias, low blood pressure, headaches, to hair loss, low immune system functioning and nervous system imbalances. I received diagnoses of HPA axis dysfunction, Lyme, mould illness and autoimmune disease. Many of my symptoms were deemed to be ‘idiopathic’, short for ‘we have no idea what is wrong with you.’

Over a period of years, I visited with many practitioners of all modalities, spent over $100,000 out of pocket and nobody could help me. If I made progress at all, it proved to be temporary. I supported my body through natural means but refused all medications. The side effects were dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a reason my body was struggling and I was determined to find it.

Enter Functional Medicine. With the proper Functional Medicine testing, we were able to uncover a multitude of imbalances in my body that needed correction. Following a truly whole person approach, my practitioner advised me to address the areas of stress in my life because the stress was an obvious obstacle to my healing.

You see, as a mum of six, I was selflessly always giving to others to the detriment of me. Self-care was absent from my life. I was pregnant or nursing for 17 years with only one four-month break. Sleep? What was that? We also moved frequently and I was often on my own due to my husband’s job travel. I homeschooled and I ran a business. Are you tired just reading this?

To boot, I had messed up relationships all over the place. With the moves, I didn’t feel like I had a ‘home base’. There was zero stability. I was so busy trying to just keep my head above water, I not only lost connection with myself, but I Iost connection with my tribe. My social relationships were seriously lacking. Adding insult to injury, we were forced to leave our home all of our belongings as well due to toxic mould. Hello, financial strain? Is it any wonder why I was sick?

With the help of some fabulous coaches and mentors, I was able to stop viewing myself as a victim, own my life and take responsibility for my part in everything that was wrong, dream my big dreams and create a life that I love. I much prefer my life of design to my old life of happenstance. I am now living in an area that I love and I am connected to my tribe like never before. I now know the value of creating boundaries and I honour my body’s need to rest and recover. I am living my purpose and I am happier than ever. Can you guess what happened to my physical symptoms once I took hold of my life? I’ve gone from bedridden to thriving! That’s right. That old life that I was living wore me down to the point where I couldn’t even stand. But now, I AM THRIVING!

Together with Jamie, I stand ready to help you reclaim your own life! With the right mindset and by leveraging the power of choice, you too can experience an amazing transformation. I welcome you to Peak Health 365 and I look forward to serving you!

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