Peak Health Essentials

Peak Health Essentials is a comprehensive package for high achievers looking to reach their health and performance potential using tailored nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery strategies.

We start with a careful evaluation of your social, medical and personal history. After a detailed review of your evaluation form and listening to your story, we will recommend the most strategic lab testing to optimise your physiology.

The Peak Health Method evaluates the 6 pillars of health:

  1. Energy production
  2. Detoxification/oxidation
  3. Brain health/mindset
  4. Diet/digestion
  5. Stress/hormones/inflammation
  6. Lifestyle/environment

Eight Comprehensive Consultations

Using video conferencing technology, we work worldwide and are able to share our screens and record your consultations (should you request) so that you can review them at a later date.

Your package will be 6 months and continuing care options are available after. You will receive 5 clinical calls and 3 coaching calls as outlined below:

  • 1x Clinical: History & Blood Test Interpretation (50-60 min)
  • 1x Clinical: Initial Recommendations & Tracking (20-30 min)
  • 1x Coaching: Vision, Goals & Plan (80-90 min)
  • 1x Coaching: Lifestyle Strategies (50-60 min)
  • 1x Clinical: Follow up (20-30 min)
  • 1x Clinical: Lab Retest Review (50-60 min)
  • 1x Coaching: Follow Up (20-30 min)
  • 1x Clinical: Maintenance Recommendations (50-60 min)

Partner tools

As a Peak Health partner, you will receive a comprehensive education binder that will act as a resource on your journey. This binder is full of useful tips and covers content such as nutrition, digestion, detoxification, hormones, exercise, mindfulness, and a 30-day vitality programme. You will also receive a gratitude journal and selection of essentials oils with a high-quality room diffuser.

Peak Health email access

Access to the Peak Health team improves compliance, maintains momentum, and keeps an open dialogue throughout your journey. Email us with any questions you have.

Webinars and web resources

Community and education are paramount to your long-term success. We offer webinars, Q&As, and access to a growing library of health content.

Four Foundational Lifestyle Areas

Nutrition, movement, resilience and recovery are four key areas that will impact your health and performance. Combining the best of Functional Medicine, Clinical & Performance Nutrition, and Health Coaching we will provide you with a tailored strategy in each of these areas to reach your health and performance potential.

Peak Tracking

In order to take control of your health and optimise performance, we will provide you with the latest biofeedback tools. We will teach you how to evaluate your progress in real-time and keep you on track long-term to ensure you meet your health and performance goals. Peak Health 365 can link up with your devices remotely to provide insights and make recommendations to optimise your experience:

  • FreeStyle Libre System – 14-day continuous glucose sensor compatible with iPhone 7 or higher and NFC-enabled Android 5.0 or higher
  • Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap – Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate during training

Peak Labs

We evaluate health on a cellular level. This testing is different from conventional testing because it helps evaluate the root cause(s) instead of just diagnosing you. Included in your package is the following initial lab testing:

  • Comprehensive blood panel for UK clients (we will discuss international clients on a case-by-case basis): Full Blood Count, Reticulocyte Count, Biochemistry, Lipid Panel, Iron Panel, Vitamin D, C-Peptide, HbA1C, hsCRP, Homocysteine, Full Thyroid Panel and Sex Hormones.

We may recommend additional tests such as: GI-MAP stool, SIBO breath, Organic Acids/Hormones urine, Hair mineral or Cyrex panels based on your health history and initial blood results.

Video lab interpretations

Each lab test provides us with detailed clinical data and insight into your cellular function. We want to make sure that you fully understand your lab results and that you can easily share them with your healthcare team if necessary.

Most importantly, the video lab interpretation allows you to become more involved and engaged in your own care. We believe that an informed partner gets much better long-term outcomes and becomes an active participant in their health and wellness.

Direct lab pricing

To provide the most affordable care possible, Peak Health 365 has made special arrangements with all of our labs to provide you with direct lab pricing. This ensures that you will get the lowest price possible for all lab testing.

Customised supplements

After reviewing your lab results and evaluating your mineral and nutrients demands, we will recommend a personalised supplement programme. Our recommendations will include only the highest quality products to create more predictable outcomes.

Facebook community group

Our private Facebook group allows you to stay connected with our Peak Health community. This group consists of current and past partners along with other health and performance seekers. In this group we provide Q&A along with exclusive content that we share with our most devoted followers.

This group provides a deeper level of engagement and helps you stay motivated and connected along the way.

Additional add-on offerings

To encourage deeper healing, and eliminate blind spots we also collaborate with trusted practitioners such as Functional Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers.


Peak Health Essentials is a personalised package to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to help you get there. We promise to be conscious without compromising your outcomes. The package is £3,999. Supplements and additional advanced lab tests are customised based on your history and findings.

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